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How to Become Assertive

How do I become assertiveness in asking what I want and saying no to what I don't want?

This is a question that most of the technology professionals ask me all the time.

They ask this question because they are great at coding, designing systems, and coming up with cool technical solutions.

But when it comes to asking for something they want, especially career growth-related, such as raise, exciting opportunity, or even a promotion, they tent to find it super awkward.

They think and hope.... "Well, I am doing great work, it will get noticed one ,day and I will get what I want".

But hope is not a strategy.

So they get passed for the promotions, get ignored for leadership opportunities and recognition.

And then question keeps coming to mind, "what's the point in working so hard, long hours and doing all I am doing?"

Resulting in a lack of motivation to do great work.

And many times, downright frustration.

But it doesn't have to that way.

"Asking something you want with assertiveness" is a skill that can be developed.

How? By replacing our limiting beliefs by empowering beliefs.

Once you learn these skills using a step by step process our clients use, you will see, all that awkwardness will fizzle away, and you will be assertively asking, and getting the recognition that you deserve.

If you would like to explore the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from getting what you want....

Set up a call with us by clicking the link below and and we can go over in detail and come up a customized strategy for your career growth.

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