Ravi is a certified Co-Active coach and a Search Inside Yourself Teacher. Ravi's biggest strength is coaching by asking powerful questions and making complex concepts simple and practical. 

He also has 25 years of corporate experience in building and leading big teams at highly competitive corporations. He has earned his MBA from Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. 

Founder, Leadership & Career Coach. Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence Trainer. 

Ravi Rade

What clients say about Ravi Rade
As a Search Inside Yourself Teacher

Made listening interesting                        
Good communicator                        
Passionate and knowledgeable                     
Meditation was great due to calming voice
Personal stories was good technique
Good communicator                        
Good examples to illustrate the concepts
Commitment, genuine, enthusiastic
Explained the rationale clearly
Excellent guided sessions, felt real and natural  
Calming nature and approach to delivery      
Knowledgeable, on track with the subject       
Great job of introducing a new concept to all                        

Understanding of the subject is exceptional
Ability to deliver with ease
Making every participant involved
Good communication, Humble way of talking   Good examples to explain concept                   Good inter-personal skills, composed               Very caring                                            
Energetic, interesting and passionate               Personalized examples, effective in guided meditation                                            
Enthusiasm, organization, empathy, reliability   Articulation, real life examples, planning for the event, simplifying the concepts                        
Calm and collected, being aware of the time, able to adjust the topics in response to circumstances, able to answer impromptu questions from participants                              Very well organized event, attention to details   
Ability to express, added personal experience to workshop                                            
Good command over content                           Ravi clearly practices many of the techniques he is teaching in his daily life. So he can teach from experience and provide relevant examples.                                             
Clear in concepts, nice presentation, good examples                                            
Ability to present the topic with real world examples                                            
Passionate and showed depth in concept           Pleasant, good listener                

As a Co-Active Leadership, Career Coach

I have been working with Ravi for more than a year and with our constant engagement on topics like Time management, career development, adopting leadership skills, and progress towards life goal, Ravi helped me draft an actionable yet accountable plan and transform my outlook and approach yet allowing me to create a balance in my life. Indeed, Ravi has a capability of exhorting people to greater capacities.

Some of his techniques to achieve goals like creative visualization and making money work harder than yourself are unparallel, I could not be more happier implementing these in my life and experience the changes around me. A big take away from the coaching session was to figure out how I can best manage my 24 hours and how my spouse can play an active role in fulfilling our goals. 

Ravi often brings light to a negative situation and lifts my mood with his witty and spontaneous feedback. He has this rare ability to quickly evaluate a dynamic situation and seamlessly transition to action plan, backed-up with can-do attitude and accountability. 

Ravi is meticulous in drafting strategy. Ravi with his co-active coaching techniques helped me find answers by asking powerful yet thought provoking questions. Ravi is an effective, professional and encouraging personality who is committed to help you reach your goals. I would recommend Ravi to anyone who wants to improve their ability to articulate a compelling vision.

Initially i was so reluctant to start session with Ravi, but a friend recommended and I thought of giving it a try. But after having couple of session with Ravi i want to continue further, it gives a very different perspective to everything that i had been doing for so long. Ravi is a good coach and has wonderful techniques that helps you do a work on your individual goals whether it with be financial, personal or anything that you always wanted to do. I would highly recommend these sessions with Ravi.

During my conversation with Ravi Rade, he brought out the actual issue bothering me though it was not directly spoken. He has this unique ability to probe your mind and bring you to think about the issues bothering you deep down.

Ravi is a patient and empathetic coach his follow-up sessions have been exemplary and the coaching tips provided by him have been very effective in helping me wishing him the very best for the future

I've been going through co-active sessions with Mr. Ravi since last 4 months. It has been a wonderful experience for me. He is full of positivity and readiness. Mr. Ravi has always believed that there are no problems without solutions. The manner in which he mentors is quite convincing. I wish him all the success in upcoming endeavors.



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