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Minute To Arrive

Become the magician of productivity booster!

Hello, my name is Ravi Rade. As part of my work as an executive coach and trainer, I always get this question asked. “How can my team and I become more productive in the meetings?” And they get surprised when I show them a magic trick. I am sharing that magic trick with you in this article so you can also become a magician to transform yourself into a productivity booster!


            Our office work is full of meetings. We attend meetings physically or we are on video conference. But most of the time our mind is somewhere else. We come to the meeting physically but it takes a long time to fully arrive by the mind. And sometimes we never actually arrive at the meeting. We keep thinking about the things that have happened or worrying about the future. And if we are working virtually, there are so many other windows open on the side to take our attention away.

As the mind is wondering, we stop listening to people, lose out on the important points that they are saying, missing out on information. This all brings down our confidence to speak up and express our ideas. And then people start taking up your ideas, stealing your credit. And eventually, that dreaded situation arises when your boss asks…” What do you think of it?” and you have no clue what they were talking about. What happens then? Nothing but the drama of lots of emotions of self-doubt, fear, and frustration.


It doesn’t have to be that way. You can bring your executive presence fully to the meeting very quickly, even if lots of other things are going on in your life. How? By using this simple 3 step process “Minute To Arrive”. You can take a dedicated 1 minute before going to the meeting. Either you can use guided meditation audio or simply read this script, or simply close your eyes and follow the process.


Now, does the problem get solved by just you being there? What about the other people in the meeting? Are they really listening to you or whoever is speaking? Are they bringing up their best ideas to the table? You might have called this meeting; they might have shown up. But are they really here?


If they are not present, you will have to explain things multiple times. Same things will get discussed again and again. Worse yet, they may misunderstand and do something you don’t want them to do. No wonder we feel meeting as a waste of time.

So along with yourself, why not help your entire team to fully arrive? Why not take this one minute which can boost the productivity of hours of meeting times?

If you decide to do this magic for yourself and your team, you are in good company. Many visionary corporations such as Google, Linked In, Salesforce have implemented this technique throughout their organization. I guess we can’t go wrong following these super achievers.

You can just give your team this document to read. Or explain to them what is the cost of not being fully present and what are the benefits for them personally, for the team, and for the entire company.

And then be courageous, and invite your team to join “minute to arrive guided meditation” before each meeting. You can use the pre-recorded audio in my voice, or be bold, practice the script and guide people coming to the meeting to a full Executive Presence.




Minute to arrive guided meditation script

Let’s start by taking a deep breath. Noticing the expansion of the chest and connecting to the leader inside you.

Inhale... Exhale…


And now let’s simply bring attention to this present moment by bringing attention to our nostrils. Sensing the air flowing in, sensing the air flowing out.

Breathing in...breathing out...

Notice….mind will wander. Just notice that and gently bring your attention back to the breathing.

(Pause 3 seconds.)


Now let’s take attention to the purpose of the meeting.

Why are we here? What is the desired outcome?

(Pause 3 seconds.)


And as we have presence and purpose, let’s bring attention to people in the room.

Notice the presence of other people in the room. Notice their thoughts, their agendas. Sense their desires, their emotions.

And bringing a thought to the mind...they are here to help. Just like me.


Sending loving kindness to everyone, wishing all happiness and success…


Let’s begin...



Want to learn more magic? Join my free Facebook group.


Wishing you happiness and success…

Ravi Rade


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