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Success Stories Of Clients.
Getting Promotions, Big Raises,
Reaching Manager, Director, and even C levels !

Meet Neha Meet her to hear her inspiring story of how she got the Cheif of Staff position by destroying her self-doubter and tapping into her inner strengths.

How she established strategic alliances with CxO level and fast-tracked her career.

Meet Soumya - Individual Contributor to Manager plus a new job with a 30% hike!

How she transformed her mindset, how she developed her executive presence, and got a career sponsor.

And not only just that, but in the process how she is bringing calm energy, joy, and happiness to herself and to her family.

Meet Satya- Consultant to Sr. Manager Promotion, plus how she used the LIY program to delegate work at the office, creating a positive influence on kids and achieving work-life balance!

Meet Sethilraj - From fearful to super confident, in the meetings, and most importantly establishing relationships with his management,  bringing him leadership tasks and responsibilities. All of this, while elevating joy and happiness for his wife and kids.

Meet Pradeep- From contract to a full-time position with 50% raise! How he accessed his inner leader, became courageous to reach out to a skip-level boss, and in the process how he achieved success beyond his own expectations.

Meet Jaya- How she got Sr. Manager Promotion, while others were facing layoffs. How she used networking techniques of the LIY program and achieved fast results.

How the LIY program has completely transformed her life!

Meet Mouli- A FAANG professional who created a complete mindset transformation, gained unshakable confidence, and developed executive presence using the LIY program.

Meet Anand - Became a Manager by developing executive presence, giving business proposals of his technical solutions of mindfulness, executive presence, and career growth strategies that he learned with The Leader Inside You.

Meet Vikas- Created Vikas 2.0 version and became Super Confident Executive Leader using powerful techniques and coaching from our coaches Alison and Michelle!

Meet SuryaBecame a rising star and influencer by gaining seats at high-profile meetings. How she is getting decades ahead by using The Leader Inside You.

Meet Anvita - Boosted her confidence in just 4 weeks and created leadership transformation in her thoughts and behaviors. Using strength and weakness analysis and working with coach Alison in The Leader Inside You program.

Meet DR. Rohit and his wife Pari- Got promotion big recognition by having career sponsorship conversations. ...and beyond that .. now he and Pari, his wife are building prosperous, harmonious, happy family life.

Meet Women Leaders- How they are taking charge of their careers. Meet our leaders, Anshu, Priyanka, and Satya to find out how they are transforming their mindest, taking bold steps of being vocal, getting visibility, and reaching out to upper management to fast-track their careers towards higher positions. All this while bringing more happiness and joy to their family!

Meet Thought Leaders- How they demonstrate an executive presence and create psychological safety in the team, resulting in a higher collaborative spirit. 

Watch them showcasing their leadership thoughts to the world on Facebook Live. With confidence, courage, and clarity.

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