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Anxious about the layoff world? Do these 3 things.

1. Live in a positive emotional home irrespective of external situations.

How: Using mindfulness meditation, throw away fears and become courageous by accessing the strong leader inside you. Must do this daily because negative news is coming daily.

2. Survive and thrive at the same time.

How: Establish career sponsorship with high-level people in your organization (above your boss). They decide who stays and who goes.

This career sponsor will not only put your name at the bottom of the list but also help you get the promotion when times get better.

3. Create peace of mind by knowing that you are ready for anything!

How: Get your powerful resume ready and search and optimize your LinkedIn. So that you can create an 'army of recruiters' on standby, ready to help you when needed. (And who knows... you might end up jumping anyway if something exciting comes up, you know the fire from one door and hire from another)

And... MOST all this NOW.

Because right now you are just anxious.

If layoff happens you will be desperate.

Desperation leads to taking up 'any' job, destroying confidence which takes a career backward.

So decide.

You either start going to the gym now or go to the doctor later.

Learn more: Register to watch our free training.

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