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My mom is crazy!

Yes, that's what the daughter of one of my clients said to me.

It's a very interesting story.

A few months ago, a highly talented and ambitious woman enrolled in our fast-track career program.

She and I were talking. She told me about her very driven college graduate daughter.

So just out of curiosity, I talked to her daughter too.

Her daughter mom is crazy! Crazy good!

She always has been...

All her life.

Crazy for doing something big, worthwhile, and fulfilling.

The daughter said to me...

Ravi, you can see for yourself, when all her friends are talking about winding down their careers and life, she joined your program to wind up higher.

This is how she has been her entire life. Very different, never give up person.

But for us kids, and family she has done so much sacrifice by taking it easy towards her goals and ambitions.

My mom says it does not mean sacrifice it's just the priority of important things first.

That's the problem with her though. She is modest, and never makes a big display of her accomplishments.

But now, as we kids are fully independent she is completely free to fly and she is doing it!

Ravi, I am glad that she found your program that will get her an even fast-track career that she is committed to. I am so proud of her!

Amazing story, isn't it?

I talk to hundreds of people every month.

But I will never forget this conversation for my entire life.

Hearing kids saying to parents "I am so proud of you" priceless!

And it's turning out...there are many crazy moms out there.

Their kids are going to high school, independent and smart.

And those moms find having free time and energy again and they are ready to make a career a big priority of their life again!

Several of them have joined our inspired group of leaders and made a big shift in their careers.

If you are ready to start the next chapter of your life too...

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(even if you are stuck as an individual contributor for several years.)

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If you face any issues booking the call, let me know.

Looking forward to talking with you...

Wishing you happiness and success,

Ravi Rade

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