Thinking of MBA?

Thinking of MBA? If you are trying for Director/VP position, very likely you would have considered doing an MBA. You might be ready to invest a huge amount of money of $150,000 in MBA or $30k to $50K in university leadership courses.

You might be ready to spend 30 hours a week studying, giving exams, and sacrificing family life for a year or two… thinking it’s worth the investment.

Investment in learning is great. You might have already done that.

But there is one big problem that you may not see because it is covered under a thick rug of flashy marketing.

The problem is that they are designed to give information.

They are not designed to solve your specific problems.

They are generic, full of theories and exams.

You just sit in a big classroom for hours. Nobody helps you personally to solve your problems.

You do feel proud when you post your graduation ceremony pictures on social media, but it does not solve the underlying problem because these old ways teach you everything, except….how to get a raise and promotion from your employer.

You end up wasting time learning case studies of how coca-cola promotes their brand, instead of learning how you can promote yourself in your company.

And that’s why many of our clients come to us even if they have MBA and have done all sorts of leadership courses.

What's the better alternative?

Executive Coaching.

Executive coaching is very different.

The first and most important thing, it works for you! Because a good coach listens to your specific situation and gives you a customized solution that solves the problem that you are facing right now.

Second, coaching produces results in weeks, instead of years. Because coaching is about your current problems and how to fix them in the next few weeks.

Third, coaching usually costs a tiny fraction of an MBA so you can actually afford it. And it fits in your life because you can start anytime, without GMAT.