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The Ugly Truth About Fear Of public speaking.

First of all, let’s see why you should listen to me about public speaking?

There are tons of way better public speakers and also gurus who teach public speaking skills.

So why should you listen to me?

Because I have gone through the journey of a super scared public speaker to a pretty good engaging speaker who can talk on interesting topics with full confidence.

And I have helped many people do the same.

So let’s face the ugly truth of fear of public speaking. Shall we?

What is the scary part of this fear?

The self-judgment.

  • What will people say?

  • Will they ridicule my looks?

  • Will they laugh at my accent?

  • Will they hate my opinions?

  • What if they ask me questions and I don’t know answers?

And what do these questions do to us?

They simply stop us from presenting our cool ideas.

Let me ask you a question.

How many of you faced this situation?

In your office, you had a super cool idea, you worked on the project plan, you even perfected the PowerPoint.

But when it comes to the just let someone do it?

And when you saw someone took away the limelight which you deserved the most, what frustrated you the most?

Was it that .. people thought the one who presented did the work, not you.

Was it that you saw the presenter getting a promotion that you are eyeing for?

Or worse yet, since you didn’t present, people thought you are just a techy person not worthy of a leadership role?

Unfortunately, this or similar things happens with so many brilliant technology professionals.

It’s not their fault, they do all the work but those so-called smart talkers take all the credit.

But that is just the surface level.

The really ugly truth of this fear of public speaking is, it starts eroding confidence.

When you see years after years, others keep taking credit for your work, just because you did not present it …..the toll all this takes on our mindset is heartbreaking.

We start thinking, will it ever change?

Is it even possible to change?

  • No confidence.

  • No strategy.

  • No action plan to fix it.

But smart people, like our clients, know better.

They know it can change, and they know it is definitely possible.

And how do they do that?

They simply reverse it.

  • They build confidence.

  • They use a proven strategy.

  • They take smart actions.

And they start seeing results all over the place in their career and even personal life.

They start to become confident when presenting.

In the group meetings, in the one to many presentations, virtual video presentations, and of course one one one presentations, to their boss and upper management.

Well...not just them, you can also see those results all over the place on our Facebook page.

So many of our clients are throwing away that self-built wall of inhibition.

And taking up challenges to boldly express their strengths and growth. You can also see them presenting on various topics of their expertise.

Why all that become possible?

Because they do the first thing first.

They get rid of the biggest obstacle first.

That “fear” of public speaking.

Once that fear is gone, it becomes super easy for them to apply the ORA method we teach to rapidly transform their presentation skills.

Even in just 45 minutes one of one session with our expert coaches, they see a huge improvement in how they present themselves to any audience.

But that’s not it. They also know, nothing happens unless you take action.

So they start taking actions to present, at every opportunity they get.

By presenting in the groups, in meetings, to their boss, their career sponsor.

What happens then?

They get a big boost to their visibility, leading to bigger, leadership roles and titles.

Yeah...more money too of course.

Now the question is, are you someone who understands how critical presentation skills are for your career progress?

Do you want to take that first step of getting rid of fear?

If yes, I am inviting you to my webinar..

Watch our webinar which has inspired more than 3000 people so far.

Attend FREE masterclass

5-Step Process To Get Rid Of Self-Doubter and Reach High Positions

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