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Learn from TRump or obama?

While coaching my clients, many times I give references of leaders I don't like...or simply hate.


Because it's super easy to learn from people whom you like and see them as role models.

And that's a problem.

We admire their qualities because.... we already have those.

The real "clever" and fast way to grow and learn is to observe and learn from successful people whom you don't think of as a role model.

Because... they got something to succeed that you absolutely don't have!

So if you approve of Trump...learn from Obama.

If you approve of Obama...learn from Trump.

Just pause for a moment and think about it.

My career sponsor in my corporate career gave me this insight when I was mad at someone very successful in my office and that insight changed my life.

It was really hard for me to use that insight for me.

So I know it's hard...

But who said the path to greatness is easy?

My invitation to you... ask these powerful questions to yourself....

In your office...

Who do you don't approve of? Even better who do you hate the most in your office who is successful?

What is something that person has and that you don't?

And most importantly what intelligent actions you can take to bring in those missing qualities and skills?

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