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How to speak up IN the meeting.

How to speak up at the meeting.

Most of us, especially really good tech professionals, face this challenge.

They have brilliant ideas, so many points to share.

But they find themselves holding back.

They find others interrupting them, taking over the conversation.

And worse yet, they see others stealing their ideas and outlining.

And the worse part is, it happens again and again.


Every day they feel frustrated, having strange uncomfortable sensations in the body, lasting the entire day.

Before the meeting, they get stressed out by anticipation of those bothering sensations, and after the meeting, they linger for a long time, impacting their performance.

So far, they have been star performers, but now as they start moving into the leadership role, they start losing confidence.

It doesn't have to that way.

If you are a high performing tech professional and "not speaking up" is holding you back...

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