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How to demand director/VP position

Demand high position.

At least the director or VP level.

You might immediately think, why would somebody give me such a high position? There are so many other smarter people in the competition. I don’t have the required skills. I don’t have people management experience. Why would they give me a high position?

These concerns are totally normal because we all have that limiting voice inside.

The voice of stupid inside us. This voice keeps stopping us from claiming our glory.

We all have that.

All these self-doubts are not your fault.

It’s because of the years of teaching we got, to live within our means and be modest.

That’s why we focus only on getting the next-level promotion.

You might not have realized it, but that’s a huge problem.

Because if you focus on only next-level promotion, you stay stuck with low, doubtful thinking.

You don’t have enough juice or inspiration to push you to take bold actions.

It becomes hard to think and see beyond your boss.

You find yourself running in an endless rat race, competing with your peers experiencing stress and anxiety on a daily basis.

The good news is this is a fixable problem.

Because… there is also another voice inside you.

The voice of your inner leader.

That voice is telling you something different. It is telling you that a director/VP position is possible for you too.

Think about it…if you did not have that leader voice inside you…you wouldn’t be spending your time watching this webinar.

So first, let’s silence that stupid voice and let the inner leader talk.

To do that, start demanding a high position from YOURSELF.

In a clear and loud voice.

Declare your happy dance income number.

Declare your happy dance title.

Go ahead.

Write it down on paper.

“I want to earn $300K to 500K income and reach the director/VP level.”

And read it out loud.

Let that leader inside you say loudly what you really really really want.

Go ahead… do it NOW! Say it out loud.

“I want to earn $300K to 500K income and reach the director/VP level.”

And see what magic happens. A new source of excitement and confidence opens up.

Doesn’t it?

Once you start demanding a high position from yourself, immediately an internal machine of inspiration starts.

You feel different, you start thinking differently, which automatically results in different actions.

It takes you out of the rat race with your peers because, with higher goals, you know that your peers will be reporting to you soon.

Instead of grinding, repetitive low-value work, you start focusing on high-value tasks giving bigger results.

Your boss and skip-level start noticing the confidence in you. They start trusting in you and your capabilities.

And then you will see that they start giving you new high-value work such as leading teams and a transition path from individual contributor to leadership roles opens up.

And the best part, they free you from low-value, repetitive, grinding work such as production support.

Since you get to work on something that you really like and enjoy... burnout and overwhelm start to fizzle away.

Work does not feel like work anymore

Do you see the picture?

This is how it worked for our client Nikita.

When we spoke for the first time, she was a Sr. Software engineer working as an individual contributor. She said she felt like she was stuck in the rat race, facing constant competition in the office.

So we worked together and created a mindset transformation to aim for a director position, instead of just the next level promotion.

That made her think differently and she started volunteering for director-level tasks.

She immediately started getting noticed by the COO of the company who gave her a team of 5 people to lead.

But since now Nikita had big goals, she did not settle just on moving from individual contributor to a leadership role. She kept focusing on her big dream and within a couple of years, she is now chief of staff at a big multinational company.

Without demanding a high position, she might not have received a C-level title ever.

It worked for Prasanna too. Another technology expert.

When he started working with us, the first thing he did…he made his goal very high… to double his income.

He was skeptical at first, but this high goal gave him a totally new vision to see the opportunities that he could not see before.

He followed the process we taught, and within a year he doubled his income to $300K and is now working toward $500K.

Without thinking high, this would have never happened.

Nikita and Prasanna could do all of this because they aimed high and they used the proven system that we taught them.

Now, you may have doubts if this can happen to you too. But you know what, it’s possible.

So do it. Start demanding a high position from yourself. Silence the stupid inside you and let the leader inside you talk loud and clear.

Read out loud your mission statement every single day…

“I want to earn $300K to 500K income and reach the director/VP level.”

Register to watch our free training.

The 5-Step Strategy to Director/VP Position and $300K to $500K Income.

(even if you are stuck as an individual contributor for several years.)

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