How to build good feelings even if someone has hurt you badly.

How to build good feelings even if someone has hurt you badly.

At our workplace, it happens more than we would like to.

People say things; people do things; people act in a way that hurts us really bad.

And we get into all sorts of negative emotions.




It distracts us from productive work.

It creates stress.

Unknowingly it even impacts our family life.

Hasn't it happened that you snapped at your family member because of work questions?

Why can't we get out of this quickly? Why can't we build back good feelings towards that person and fix the issue?

Because we keep blaming the other person.

Yeah, the behavior of the other person might be totally wrong.

But keep blaming him/her does not take us anywhere.

We stay stuck in the hell of negative emotions.

It doesn't have to be that way.

There is a solution.


We are changing our structure and function of the brain to "read" another person's mind.

And you can do that by going to the gym in mindfulness.

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