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Fear- What we have learned from 50 zoom call meetings last year.

Updated: May 11, 2021

Most of the people who reach out to me say they have several fears.

Fear of failure.

Fear of speaking up in the meeting.

Fear of reaching out to skip-level.

I also meet people who refuse to deny that they have any fear.

Mostly because they are afraid of admitting that they fear.

I see daily how these fears stop from exposing themselves to the world.

It stops them from using their full potential.

It stops them from giving the best that they have to offer.

But internally they know, their inner leader knows, they can achieve way more than what they have achieved so far.

They see that their school friends, college friends who were sitting next to them in the classroom, are way ahead in their career.

So they know, if others can do it, they can do it too.

But these fears stop them from taking action.

So what my clients and I learned…. together in 50 group coaching sessions we had in the last one year?

We have learned that fear exists because we are human ….

and we can get rid of it ...because we are humans.

Because humans are social animals.

When we see others scared, we get scared.

But the opposite is also true.

We get courageous when we see others getting courageous.

We become brave when we see others becoming brave.

We take risks when we see others taking risks.

And that’s what we see in our community of ambitious professionals at The Leader Inside You.

Before coming to The Leader Inside You, some of them have listened to Tony Robbins thousands of times on ….how to dance with the fear.

But that didn’t change anything

But when they see other people in the community, just like them, dancing with the fear, their feet automatically start tapping.

When they see others speaking up, they start speaking up.

Let me tell you the story of my client from India.

Let’s call her Miss A.

Every week we have a meeting on zoom with all our clients.

After she attended her first meeting, she said... Ravi, I wanted to say something, but I was scared to speak up.

And now, she is always the first one to speak up as we start our call.

Yesterday, even when I invited someone else to start the call, Miss Awesome A said, I want to start!

And we all loved to see her transformation!

How did this transformation happen?

Well, almost all the credit goes to Miss A.

Her commitment to invest time, money and energy in herself.

Her diligent work in the program.

Using every opportunity to learn and grow.

And...we all noticed... one big thing helped her.

Being part of the group.

Knowing that you are not alone.

Watching others stepping up.

Watching others being ok to be seen.

Watching others becoming bold.

You must have seen. When we see others jumping in the swimming pool, enjoying, having fun, we tend to jump too... don’t we?

And it is not just Miss A, it is happening again and again for so many people.

So the solution to get rid of fear…. is to become a part of the community of fearless leaders.

And tomorrow some of the fearless leaders are going to share their experiences and thoughts on Facebook live.

In our Thought Leaders series. You can hear, see our thought leaders, ask them questions ...and get inspired!

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