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"Allowed cheating" to win the race.

What if there is a way to cheat, that is completely allowed, even encouraged?

What if you can get an unfair advantage over your competition?

What if when others are getting cover a huge distance?

Yes... there is a way.

Your competition will all start working on their career growth and promotion efforts in January. (We get a flood of clients every January!)

Here is how you can cheat --->

You start in December!

One full month ahead!

Just think, if you can start racing before everyone.

Who is more likely to win?

And, did you notice the big advantage?

  1. You are going to have a promotion conversation in December with your boss.

  2. You are going to have a conversation about your performance appraisal in December.

  3. You are going to create a plan for next year in December to give to your boss at the start of the year.

Just think, for all this super important matter, what will happen if you start working on December 1?

An unfair advantage over the competition. Isn't it?

So let's do it.

We are inviting ambitious, driven professionals who want to take this unfair advantage of "time"!

We will work on your year-end promotion, and performance appraisal conversation strategies in December and set you up for a massive, strategic career growth plan for 2023!

This is how it works.

Step 1: Register to watch our free training.

The 5-Step Strategy to Director/VP Position and $300K to $500K Income.

(even if you are stuck as an individual contributor for several years.)

Step 2: Towards the end of the webinar, you get an opportunity to book a free career breakthrough call. If what I say in the webinar resonates with you, set up a time to talk and we can discuss your career goals and see if my team and I can help.

If you face any issues booking the call, let me know.

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