A message from Ravi...

Congratulations on scheduling your Career Breakthrough Session.

Great decision, just like these successful clients.

Here’s what you need to do to prepare and get the most out of our upcoming call together:

We will be discussing your career goals and personalized strategy for you on how you can get there.

Since this is an important matter in your career, please make sure you have something to write with and you are in a quiet place where you can really focus for 45 minutes. This is an incredible opportunity for you to get some clarity on your career growth.

In the past, we’ve charged $300 for these sessions. When you’re stuck, clarity is the single most valuable thing you need to move forward – without it you cannot take action.

This very Breakthrough Session has changed the lives of many of our leaders.

A big transformation in life always starts with clarity.

Clarity → Mindset Shift → Actions → Results


I have a simple process I like to use for conversations like these to make sure that you can get the most out of the call.


First: We’ll spend some time and chat about your current situation and your current career stage. Be prepared to talk about your challenges, roadblock, skills you think are missing. And to get the most out of it, bring a list of everything that you’ve tried that’s worked for you and hasn’t worked for you.

Unless we get crystal clear about your problem, we can not draft the solution for you.

So come with an open mind to have an honest conversation, just like you would talk with your doctor about your problems.

Then, after we’re clear on that part, we’ll go over some specifics in your current job and gather some baseline benchmarks and establish what is possible for you!


Second: After we know about your current situation we’ll have a chat about your biggest goals and dreams! We’ll establish where you see yourself 3 months from now, 6 months from now, and even 5 years in time. 

Don’t be afraid to dream big!

The larger the gap between where you are now and where you want to go, the more we’ll have to work on together and the more fired up you’ll be. 

Also, be specific about your goals.

Think about the position you would like to get and the specific number for your yearly income goal.

One major reason people lack results is that they lack specificity in what they want.

Once you become specific about what you want, you can begin to touch it in your mind. And then your brain can go to work on making it happen.


Third: After we’re clear on where you are now and where you want to go, we’ll take a look at the gap. We’ll identify all the roadblocks holding you back from getting what you want. And quite frankly, what has to change now in order to take your career game to the next level.



***For the sake of transparency. If you aren’t a good fit for our program and our community, for whatever reason, I’ll politely let you know.

Normally, this has nothing to do with your leadership skills, intellectual ability, or technical skills, but your attitude. Part of what makes this program the best is the leaders that partake in it. We are a thriving, ambitious, and supportive group of individuals from all over the world that help and cheer each other on every step of the way. You will be joining the program to become part of Leader For Life.


So again, out of integrity for the rest of the leaders in the program, if I don’t feel like you’re the caliber of leader we’re looking for, I’ll politely let you know.***


Then, once we have all this information, we’ll put together your custom plan so that you can get to work on it NOW.


From here, if you’d like us to tell you about the program and how we can help you, we’ll have a discussion about it and go over all the logistics so that you’re crystal clear to make a good decision.


If you choose to speak about the program with us, we have one simple request: And that request is for us to come to a decision by the end of the call.


And in order to make the decision easy for you, we’ll offer you a one-time-only fast action incentive on the program.

We’d like either a simple “Yes, I’m in!” or a “No, I’m out”. That’s it. Nothing else.


In order to best prepare – please do all of your planning and thinking before the call. If you need to speak to a spouse or partner, please do that ahead of time. Take care of everything you need before the call that way you can come on and make a good decision.


One: if you choose not to join us, you keep the plan. You’ll still get massive value and clarity on which direction you need to take your practice. We’ll part ways from here and I’ll wish you all the best.

Two: if you say “Yes” and choose to join us on this journey, you’ll quickly realize this was the single best decision you could have made for your life, your fulfillment, and your future. Congratulations!

This program has completely changed the lives of many leaders all over the world and it will undoubtedly change yours too and in ways that you probably can’t even imagine right now.


  • We’ll first process your investment and get you access to the training program itself.

  • We’ll get you setup and introduced into our private training group and introduce you to our community.

  • I’ll send you a link to my leaders-only private calendar where we’ll set up our initial 1-on-1 kick off call and get your individual milestones mapped out and set so that we can determine the timeline and speed at which you’ll achieve all of those goals you set for yourself.


Exciting times for you!

And that’s it.

From here, you’ll be ready to get started on your new reality.

One other thing – I’ll personally introduce you to our community and within hours you’ll have a flood of welcome messages from all the leaders already in the program eager to meet you. So if you have a specific photo you’d like me to use to introduce you to our community with please have that ready to go too.


  • Create a list of everything you’ve tried or done that hasn’t worked. We’ll figure out why.

  • Create a list of all your biggest and most ambitious goals - all your career goals that you’ve always wanted to accomplish make a list.

  • Make a list of the roadblocks/distractions and things that have prevented you from reaching your goals in the past. And also, make a list of roadblocks that could potentially prevent you from reaching your goals now.

  • Be sure to bring something to write with and a notebook to the call that way you can take notes and write out your plan. If you need to, speak to your spouse/partner about the program, get all other “ok’s”, and do all the thinking you need before we get onto the call together that way you can make a decision.



Want to have an unfair advantage over the competition?

Ready to get the promotion marching towards the director/VP position?

Ready to get a 30 to 50% jump in income?

Ready to do all this while reducing stress and bringing a work-life balance?

Let's Do It Then...Either I or one of our coaches will call you at your scheduled time!

Wishing you happiness and success!

Ravi Rade

Come to the call with your big goals!

Watch the success story of our clients and get inspired!

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And not only just that, in the process how she is bringing calm energy, joy, and happiness to herself and to her family.

Meet Neha Meet her to hear her inspiring story of how she got the Cheif of Staff position by destroying her self-doubter and tapping into her inner strengths.

How she established strategic alliances with CxO level and fast-tracked her career.

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Meet Women Leaders- How they are taking charge of their careers. Meet our leaders, Anshu, Priyanka, and Satya to find out how they are transforming their mindest, taking bold steps of being vocal, getting visibility, and reaching out to upper management to fast-track their careers towards higher positions. All this while bringing more happiness and joy to their family!

Meet Sethilraj - How he went from fearful to super confident, speaking up in the meetings, and most importantly establishing relationships with his management, which is bringing him leadership tasks and responsibilities. All of this, while elevating joy and happiness for his wife and kids.

Meet Thought Leaders- How they demonstrate an executive presence and create psychological safety in the team, resulting in a higher collaborative spirit. 

Watch them showcasing their leadership thoughts to the world on Facebook Live. With confidence, courage, and clarity.

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