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Meet Sethilraj - How he went from fearful to super confident, speaking up in the meetings, and most importantly establishing relationships with his management, which is bringing him leadership tasks and responsibilities. All of this, while elevating joy and happiness for his wife and kids.

Meet Thought Leaders- How they demonstrate an executive presence and create psychological safety in the team, resulting in a higher collaborative spirit. 

Watch them showcasing their leadership thoughts to the world on Facebook Live. With confidence, courage, and clarity.

Meet Anand - How by converting technical proposal into business/executive proposal he got a leadership role, big raise, and new exciting projects to work on. All in a very short amount of time by applying the techniques of mindfulness, executive presence, and career growth strategies that he learned with The Leader Inside You.

Meet Soumya - How she went from individual contributor to leading a team of employees and... also got a new job with a leadership title with 30% hike!

How she transformed her mindset, how she developed her executive presence and got a career sponsor.

And not only just that, in the process how she is bringing calm energy, joy, and happiness to herself and to her family.

Meet Anvita - How she transformed her mindset in just the first 4 weeks of the programs by realizing what she was considering as weaknesses were actually her strengths. How all that boosted her confidence and created leadership transformation in her thoughts and behaviors.

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