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How to escape the trap of perfectionism?

What is "perfection"?

It's an ENEMY of done.

It is nothing but a 'hiding space.'

Have you noticed it?

Many times in life, we hide behind, "It's not perfect yet."

And many times, while waiting for it to be perfect, we keep procrastinating, keep taking our own sweet time, and miss out on the opportunities.

This whole perfection thing is very sneaky.

Because we don't even realize it.

It seems to be very logical reasoning. "It's not perfect yet".

Who would argue with that?

Nobody, including ourselves, can find fault in that.'s a 'perfect' hiding place.


Change the focus.

From "perfect" to "done".


I know, it's always hard to change this focus.

Attention training of mindfulness practice to the rescue!

Are you waiting for something to be perfect before taking action?

Do you want to get unstuck from that hiding place?

If yes...

Attend free Masterclass:

5-Step Process To Get Inspired and Reach High Positions

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