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Join "Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute" and "The Leader Inside You" to learn powerful emotional intelligence skills for high performance and well-being. Developed at Google and based on neuroscience research, the Search Inside Yourself program (SIY) teaches attention and mindfulness techniques that build the core skills for effective leadership.


We can help you intensify your focus, manage stress, harness creativity and improve resilience. Through our program, you will gain greater self-awareness, communication and leadership skills so you can thrive in your personal and professional life.


About the program

The month-long SIY program begins with a highly interactive two-day in-person course, followed by four weeks of individual and peer-to-peer practices, and concludes with a webinar. The program curriculum brings together mindfulness, neuroscience, leadership training, and emotional intelligence.


The program includes the following core components:


  • Overview of the neuroscience of emotion, perception and behavior change

  • Definition of emotional intelligence and its personal and professional benefits

  • Attention training to enable greater emotional intelligence, including self-awareness, self-mastery, motivation, and connection with self and others

  • Principles and practices for developing healthy mental habits that accelerate wellbeing, including effective listening, generosity, empathy, communication, and social skills

  • Mindfulness and reflection practices that support happiness, thriving and overall well being

  • Exercises include attention training practice, dyad conversations, journaling, walking, and group conversations


The program teaches highly practical and applicable tools that improve emotional intelligence, resilience, creativity, communication, productivity, and personal and organizational leadership.


Who should attend

This program is designed for both individuals and organizations who wish to build greater emotional intelligence and leadership capabilities. We welcome individuals, groups, teams, and organizations from both the public and private sectors.


Coaching credit

Search Inside Yourself is now approved by the International Coaching Federation. Coaches receive 13.5 Continuing Coaching Education credits when attending the SIY program.




Through the SIY program, you will learn foundational skills to:


  • Enhance focus and creativity

  • Develop agile and adaptive mindsets

  • Reduce stress responses and increase resilience

  • Develop greater self-awareness and emotional regulation

  • Improve communication and decision-making skills

  • Develop greater emotional intelligence


Surveys from our program participants reveal that following the program, 89 percent of participants felt a better ability to reduce stress, 85 percent reported better clarity of mind, and 85 percent noticed the enhanced connection to others.



Search Inside Yourself In Chicago
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