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5-Step Process Our Clients Use To Command High Positions, Salaries, And Recognition.

(Without Getting CRUSHED By Anxiety And Overwhelm)

You will discover...

  • The step-by-step system smart corporate professionals use to LEAPFROG colleagues and quickly rise to senior-level positions, even if their career has been stuck for several years.

  • The real reason why you don’t need yet another certification/degree or work long hours in order to get your next PROMOTION, and the surprising thing you should be working on instead​​​​​​​ which will make you a favorite among upper management.

  • Neuroscience backed techniques that our clients use to ESCAPE stress, sleepless nights and anxious episodes so they are efficient, laser-focused leaders ... without medication, conventional methods or therapy.

  • The little known secret corporate professionals use to be seen and PAID as star performers, adding huge number of dollars to their lifetime earnings... while breaking free from crushing work stress & overwhelm.

  • How our clients eliminate anxiety, overwhelm and let go of fear ... in just a few moments ... so they stay calm, focused and act as a CONFIDENT leader, even when they are under massive pressure to perform and have stress and chaos around them.

  • And how to do all this without grinding away, 80 hours a week and missing out on special events with friends and family!

Presented by Ravi Rade.


Ravi, an MBA from Booth, is a certified executive coach and a teacher for Search Inside Yourself, a Google-developed leadership course for stellar performance and well-being.

He has helped hundreds of corporate executives and their teams to grow fast in their career while breaking free from work stress.

Earlier, he has achieved super fast career growth himself as director of trading systems at the largest option and stock exchange in the world.

I promise it will be the most rewarding 40 minutes

you have ever spent working on your career.

Let's get started.

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