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5-Step Process That Our Clients Use

How To Reach Director Level Ravi Rade With The Leader Inside You
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You will discover..

  • The step-by-step system corporate professionals use to be seen and PAID as star performers... while breaking free from overwhelm & crushing work stress 

  • Why working long hours, working hard, becoming indispensable are the SLOWEST, stress-producing and de-motivating way of getting a promotion … and a simple process that our clients use to get rid of the low-value repetitive work and get more and more high visibility work leading to promotion.

  • How our clients escape stress, sleepless nights and anxious episodes so they are efficient, laser-focused leaders ... without conventional methods, therapy or taking medications.

  • The little known secret corporate professionals use to leapfrog colleagues and quickly rise to senior-level positions, without feeling like their life is spiraling out of control.

  • How our clients eliminate anxiety, overwhelm and let go of fear, so they feel calm, focused and at PEACE, even when there is massive pressure to perform, stress and chaos around them...

  • And how to do all this without grinding away, 80 hours a week and missing out on special events with friends and or family!

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Presented by Ravi Rade.


Ravi is the founder and CEO of The Leader Inside You, Inc.

He helps ambitious IT professionals all over the world to fast track their careers ... while reducing stress from their work and life.

He is known as an expert in creating transformational changes for his corporate IT clients. 

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