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  • Harness the power of your entire team at peak performance.

  • Develop a workplace that’s more effective, collaborative and inclusive.

  • Train your leaders and employees to better understand themselves and work well with others

  • Learn essential tools for productivity and happiness.

  • As clients and partners can confirm, happier employees create better workplace ecosystems, which leads to improved productivity. 

  • See Complete Course Content

  • See Measurable Results From The Program

Search Inside Yourself

Bring Mindfulness To Your Organization.

For stellar performance, outstanding leadership, teamwork, stress reduction and well-being of your employees.​

Who is it for?

The Search Inside Yourself program can be delivered to any level of employee—from executives to recent college grads.

Executive & Leadership Development Programs: Set the organizational culture. Train compassion and effectiveness for the next generation of leaders.

Teams: Enhance communication, cohesion, and effectiveness.

Employee Wellness: Give employees tools to manage stress and become more engaged at work.

Stress and Burnout: For industries or organizations where employees experience stress and burnout, we train tools for self-care and emotional resilience.