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Bring mindfulness to your workplace and life for stellar performance, outstanding leadership and well-being.

Search Inside Yourself

Google-developed, world renowned 2-day experiential workshop.

Ravi Rade

Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

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Unlock your full potential and advance your career. Self exploratory, powerful one-on-one Co-Active coaching.

Fast Track Career


People Skills

Start Your Business

And more...

Step 1 Take a tour- Experience Yourself


Step 2

Attend An Online Mindfulness Meet

Hosted By Our Mindfulness Teachers.

Step 3

Setup Your

 Co-Active Coaching Experience

Co-Active Coaching- Your Agenda.

The most powerful way to get coaching!

In Co-Active coaching, you bring your own agenda, your own topic to the individual coaching sessions and the entire coaching engagement.


You will explore, plan and take action on any topic that is important to you.

Career, Business, Personal Life, Self-Improvement, Relationship. Anything that is important for you.

We can have coaching conversation on any topic you want in your life. It works because we will have an expert in your life with us. That expert is the 'leader' inside you. We will personify that leader so that you can access that leader when you need to and when you want to.


Mindfulness Coaching

It is a lot more than just reducing stress.

  1. Inner calm to reduce stress.

  2. Increase your focus and concentration.

  3. Get unstuck from negative feelings.

  4. Reduce distractions.

  5. Increase your capacity to handle negative feelings.

  6. Envision your future.

  7. Find alignment and engagement in your work.

  8. Increase your motivation.

  9. Increase your empathy skills to create positive influence over people.

  10. Become a courageous leader.


Switch Your Career To A Fast Track!

You have seen some people getting promotions after promotion. Now it's your turn.

Using these five rockets re-launch your career to put it on a fast track!


  1. See the Daring Dreams

  2. Build Concrete Confidence

  3. Gain Super Skills

  4. Acquire Power

  5. Authentic Self-Promotion


Want To Start Your Own Business?

Get started without leaving your job!

Using this five-step process, transform your passion into your profession.

Work will never be the work again!

  1. Find your purpose and values.

  2. Find your strengths.

  3. Overcome the fear and laziness.

  4. Find opportunities that will bring side income.

  5. Create a plan and start executing it.



Not enough time?

Increase your productivity!

Work on this five-steps formula to free up your time for what matters the most to you.


  1. Eliminate.

  2. Automate.

  3. Outsource.

  4. Batch.

  5. Destroy Procrastination.



Want to have a positive influence on people?

Enhance your people skills!

​​​Enhance these five skills to make your professional, social life fun, engaging and rewarding!

  1. Listening.

  2. Enhance empathy skills.

  3. Pursuation.

  4. Connect with anyone.

  5. Build your high-quality social network


Want to work on one specific challenge or opportunity?

  1. Own your success and the ride wave of momentum.

  2. Overcome a setback and spring back into action!

  3. Start your MBA.

  4. Prepare, practice for a difficult conversation.

  5. Yearly self-evaluation at your work with authentic self-promotion. 

  6. Do a makeover to your LinkedIn, Resume. 

  7. Practice interview.



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